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There is a hunger in the therapy world for more hands on help around helping couples on the brink, stepfamily issues, and how to be pro-commitment in today’s consumer, throw-away culture.


Bill is launching the multi-facted Doherty Relationship Institute! Sign on to get more details and find out when it launches.

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Are you a therapists looking for more on how to do therapy and a student looking to gain practical advice on how to do therapy? Consider purchasing my nationally presented workshops - available on DVD. They are all CE Eligible. Read below for trainings. We have acccreditation for MFt's, LP's, social workers. Read more about accreditation here. Bill Doherty does workshops around the country on couples therapy. Presentations were recorded over a two day workshop and offer you invaluable training and perspective from over 30 years of working with couples, conducting research, and training and supervising therapists. Scroll down to see trainings.


But first, why Bill Doherty as a therapy trainer? In his own words:


For many years I have been writing for therapists and doing workshops around the country when my schedule permits, but until now I have not been able to respond to requests for more hands-on training and supervision in working with couples from my philosophy and clinical approach. I am pleased to now have a way to get my message and approach to a wider audience without sacrificing my own life balance.

But first, what’s distinctive about what I offer to marriage and couple therapists? 


My emphasis on therapist values and skills for preserving marriages when this is feasible and consistent with respecting client autonomy and safety. In other words, how to move beyond neutrality while still being a sensitive, skilled therapist.


My expertise in working with couples on the brink of divorce when one or both partners are ambivalent and demoralized, especially when one spouse is leaning “out” of the marriage and the other wants to save it. 


My expertise in working with couples in stepfamilies where parenting issues and children’s and other third parties threaten to undermine marriages that are basically sound. 


My expertise in the “micro steps” of sessions, specific questions and comments, pacing and leading, and managing the flow of sessions with couples. Too much consultation is at the 500 foot level and not grounded enough in how to talk to clients in real time and how to structure sessions for maximum effect. For example, I have learned how to strategically use separate conversations when one of the partners is melting down or expressing a lot of ambivalence about the therapy. 

Bill has interviewed most of the Marriage and Family Therapy founders, creates material for the APA

Couples on the Brink 2.5 CEU's $99

The most critical life decision most therapists deal with in their everyday practice is helping couples decide whether to dissolve a marriage or try to save it. Nevertheless few of us have had specific training in assisting an ambivalent couple on the brink of divorce. Learn more & buy

Bill Doherty

Using the Family FIRO Model - 1 CEU $50

Priority setting with multiproblem couples and families is one of the tricky. Start with the wrong issue and you get bogged down not knowing why. Using an adaptation of Schutz’s FIRO model... Learn more & buy



Working with Remarried Couples in Stepfamilies - 2 CEUs $80

Remarried couples in stepfamilies may get the worst treatment of any family form because many couples therapists don’t have special ways to work with them. For example, you can’t help most remarried couples without dealing with coparenting in a major way .Learn more & buy

Good and Bad Couples Therapy

Bad and Good Couples Therapy $60

We know mistakes are common in therapy, and particularly in marriage couples therapy, which Jay Haley once said is the most difficult of all types of therapy to do well.  We will identify the most common screw-ups therapists make and demonstrate ways to avoid them. 

Learn more & buy

Therapists Undermine Marriage

How Experienced Therapists Undermine Marriage $40

Some therapists, even those technically skilled, undermine marital commitment.  They pathologize couples relationships, taking the side of the spouse learning “out” of the marriage, and by using slogans (“I’m not here to save marriages—I’m hear to help people.”) Learn more & buy

Working with Ambivilant CouplesCD VERSION

“To Divorce Or Work On The Marriage: A Protocol For Working With Ambivalent Clients” No CEU's

This presentation will give you a protocol for helping clients make a decision that has integrity for all involved and that improves the odds that couples will try to heal their broken bond.  Learn more & buy

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